Recent Inquiry-Can you help?

The Association recently received the inquiry below. I answered from my limited knowledge of fungi, but you may know the exact species. So please help us all by giving us a positive ID.

Subject: RE: Your question and an apology

Colin, I just received your inquiry today! The folks who monitor the email failed to pass this one along to me. It is about time for these mushrooms to start popping out of the ground.  They are earthstars and the Latin names vary because of the confusing classification of fungi. But they include Mutraeus Hygrometricus, Geastrum Fornicatatum  and  others. I suspect the ones I pictured in the article are in the Bovista Nigrescens group. All are toxic based on my research. They are interesting because they seem to show up based on temperature and humidity. Another wonder of Florida! If you are interested in mushrooms I suggest Simon & Schusters Guide to Mushrooms.


Chester Butler
Florida Green Guide Association
Florida Master Naturalist