By hiring a member of Florida Green Guide Association (FGGA) you can ensure a memorable and educational outdoor experience. Our diverse group of guides offers a vast array of cultural heritage and nature based experiences including: hiking, birding, beach walking, camping, fishing, kayaking, wildflower viewing, fresh water spring and creek tours and even nature based art and photography. Please feel free to contact us, let us know your special interest, and let a Green Guide help you plan your unique adventure.  Green Guide Directory

The FGGA is a statewide non-profit trade association created for graduates of the Wakulla Environmental Institute a program of Tallahassee Community College. Certified Green Guides are eligible to join after graduation in order to assist in the promotion and marketing of their businesses.  Members must adhere to a code of ethics and the “Leave No Trace” principles, which serve to advance personal and professional integrity standards in activities related to ecotourism.  The Green Guide Association exists to maintain and monitor those standards as set forth by members. FGGA also provides continuing education opportunities as well as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among the membership.  Serge Latour is the current president, Lesley Cox is the vice president, Donna Ingle is Secetary, and Ted Ruffner is their treasurer.

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The Littlest Green Guides

Thanks to all the Green Guides who made it a point to spend part of their weekend with the kids. Special thanks to Serge, Lesley, Ann , Kathleen and Maureen  for making this event possible.

As Green Guides and lovers of books, we never know what little spark in the life of a child ignites a passion for the natural world and reading that brings them joy and pleasure for a lifetime. But we do know for sure that if we do not stop from time to time to share with them what we may take for granted, the spark will not survive.  

 Best regards,

Chester Butler